What's the difference between a Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist assistant?

What's the difference in the things they do on the job

What's the difference in the pay

What's the difference in the amount of patients and hours they get a week

And can a PTA get their degree at a Tech /Trade Community college???

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  • 7 years ago
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    Both treat patients.

    PT's evaluate and decide what needs to be done during treatment as well as establish a prognosis.

    Once seen by the PT, a PTA can perform treatments and can, in some circumstances adapt elements to the program as long as it is consistent with the plan established by the PT. However, this varies from state to state as to how much a PTA can adapt a some states, a PTA can't even progress someone on a weight machine without approval of the PT.

    Salary of a PT can be anywhere between 50-100% higher than a PTA.

    The amount of patients might be the same...however, sometimes PTA might get more patients because they might be doubled during some treatments while a PT might be having more evaluations to do (which are one on one). A PT will certainly have more responsibility for paperwork.

    PTA programs are usually housed a community colleges and you can get a complete list of both PT and PTA programs in the US from

    Source(s): I am a PT
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