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What happens if I cancel an AP score then retake the test?

So, I just took the AP Psychology exam (I took the class this year), and I'm pretty sure I did horribly. I don't want it to affect my future chances at AP scholar awards/I do not want anyone to see it. I'm only a sophomore, so I won't be sending it to any colleges yet. I'm planning on re-taking the test next year, so will colleges see that I took it this year, canceled this year's score then retook it next year? Or will they just see that I took the class and that there's an AP score? If I don't cancel the score, but take it again, will both scores be on my score report?

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    I think they report the higher score, but I'm not sure. I don't think it'll affect future awards, but if I were you, I'd cancel them and retake the test next year.

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    it won't count, faculties basically use the ap rankings after u have been admitted to grant u college credit. U did stunning on ur different 2 attempt bio and ush r like the toughest ap tests. I have been given a 5 on the ush attempt and that i will tell u that attempt grow to be no longer ezy this year, especially the mc section. here r my rankings Ush- 5 Us gov-5 Eng. lang- 4 Macrecon-2..... :( Ap assessments r annoying ur no longer on my own, if u visit the cb internet site u will see that the regular score on all the ap tests is liek a 2.5 so maximum people do no longer even bypass. concentration on the postive rankings u did get and u will sense extra powerful !

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