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Want to try cheer leading!?

Hi, so I really want to try cheer leading. Like a cheer team. I'm 13 years in Maryland in an area between dc and Baltimore. I am committed to playing field hockey but I want to try cheer on the side. I can't do anything to legit because I have very little experience. But I just want to be on a cheer team. Somewhere I can do all star cheer. And it can't be that much money because field hockey is an expensive sport. Any suggestions?

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    I wouldn't try out for an All Star team because it requires a level of commitment slightly higher than a rec cheer team. Rec cheer teams tend to cost a lot less too, and for some teams, it doesn't matter if you have no experience. :)

    Let me just warn you that cheer isn't a super easy sport to just "try on the side". It has a lot of injuries and requires you to learn a lot of new skills. But with a lot of practice/ more experience, you'll become great in no time.

    Best of luck!

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    Here's a few links to cheer gyms but move fast because try outs are happening NOW as in this week or the next and some have even passed. All star cheer is an expensive sport most teams are about $3,000-$4,000 a season.

    But don't let money bring you down, cheer is a suuppeerr fun sport that involves dance, cheer, tumbling, and stunting. It's time consuming but gives you a lot of fun experiences. If a full year isn't the perfect fit you can also try All Star Prep which is a lower price and half the year.

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    Look up local rec cheer teams in your area.

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