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moral conflict of atheism?

what would be some ideas you typically think of that have to do with moral conflict when you think of atheism today, problems others religions have with atheism

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    None. Morals are not religious in nature, but social. Morals and morality develop as a society develops and recognizes what is good for the society. The problem religious people often have with atheists is they do not understand there is morality outside the bible, and are so mired in superstition they cannot fathom morality outside of what is handed out biblically. Biblical morals are only social morals.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    moral conflict of atheism?

    None whatsoever!

    james>>Actually, I think atheists have no moral base at all.

    Happily, what you think james, and reality have never met!

  • Ra!
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    7 years ago

    Atheism has absolutely nothing to do with a stance on morals. I do not have a problem deciding whether it is right or wrong to kill / maim anybody. Many of us possess empathy and have will power to stop and think for ourselves. Anybody that thinks we need a handbook of instructions to know what most professed atheists instinctively know has a serious leaning to sociopathy.

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    There is no moral conflict.

    If those poor people that believe in the reality of fictional characters think I am immoral that`s their business.

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  • Ray J
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    7 years ago

    There is no moral conflict with atheism.

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    I have no moral conflicts with atheism...

    Atheism has nothing to do with morals...


  • There is no moral conflict at all. I don't give a hoot about what other religious people think about me.

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    What is the more conflict of not believing in faeries? Do you see how silly your question is?

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    Should I rape this kid? I dunno, what does God have to say about it? *looks it up* I'm not sure, but God commands people to do it and you're supposed to lead by example. So I guess so. [christian]

    Should I rape this kid? No, I'm not an asshat. [the atheist]

    I'm pretty sure there aren't any moral conflicts. If there are, they are up to the individual atheist to decide.

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    Actually, I think atheists have no moral base at all.

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