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How to repair a relationship (friend)?

This girl is my best friend. I had a crush on her for the longest time and finally asked her out. She said that she wasn't sure and would think about it. She doesn't text me or message me anymore. And we don't talk as much at school. She still hasn't given me an answer. I feel I am losing her as a friend. I don't even care if she says yes anymore. I just wanna be her friend. Any advice?

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    I think you scared her (sorry). Call her up and talk with her. Tell her you don't want this affecting your friendship. Remain upbeat in the convo and don't beg for her back. After that, be patient.

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    If it is a long time sh doesnt talk to you then its a NO

    If its not that long along then its a maybe let her think

    Talk to her like nothing happened

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    Just tell her everything you've put here, she'll understand

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