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Why is more water found in exhaled air?

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    The body takes in hydrocarbons & oxygen. These combine to release heat, energy, CO2 and water.

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    The alveoli of the lungs have moisture coming from the goblet cells(mucous secreting cells).When the air is exhaled the water vapor accompanies it.

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    Water is a biproduct of normal metabolism, when Glucose is absorbed into cells, the full oxidation of glucose yields water and CO2 as waste products.

    Because of this, and that the membranes of the lungs are extremally moist to facillitate gas transfer :)

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    Through the process of photosynthesis, plants combine water and carbon dioxide by using energy from electrons from sunlight to fuse it all together; however, there are now six extra oxygen molecules released as waste. The process of cellular respiration is the exact opposite. We take in glucose and oxygen, break down the glucose and retrieve the energy from it, and since the bonds of glucose have been busted, we can't have glucose anymore. The molecules resume their formation as individual water and carbon dioxide molecules.

    6*CO2 + 6*H2O →Photosynthesis→ C6H12O6 + 6*O2

    C6H12O6 + 6*O2 →Cellular Respiration→ 6*CO2 + 6*H2O

    Notice that we expel six extra molecules of water. The moisture in your breath is caused by the expulsion of water and carbon dioxide through the body's respiratory system.

    Source(s): Biology I
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    As air passes through your.nasal cavity when you inhale, it gets.moisturized.

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