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Why I'm I bad at everything I do!?

I am bad at everything. I am bad at most things in school (6th grade) like ELA or social studies I'm almost failing. And I play COD all the time and I suck I try so hard and nothing goes my way. And I don't have many friends and the friends I have are ten times better than I am please help I feel I am to young to have depression.

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    My dear friend,go to park in your city and talk to trees loudly about whatever comes to your mind You will feel better and will do things nicely

    Source(s): I am a counsellor.
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    The people who answered are really immature you may think you're bad, but maye you dont try hard enough you need to study to get good grades.

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    7 years ago

    Because you have herpes

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    God hates you.

    Source(s): Scientist
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