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What to get my dad for his birthday?

I haven't seen my dad in 3 years, because my parents divorced and he lives across the country from us. Last year I forgot his birthday, and this year I did it again! I feel sooooo terrible but my memory is just really really bad! His birthday was yesterday and today him and my step mom called and told me :( I need to get him something! Any ideas of what? Description of him:

He loves candy(but I got him that last year as a late bday present)

He absolutely loves cars

He is 37

More of the city type

I was thinking maybe something car themed but everything I look up is like for toddlers, please help!

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    Make him a nice homemade card, apolagize for forgetting, maybe get him a gift card for something like an oil change or car acsessories, or make him a video about how much you love him.

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    You can get him like a model of his favourite car and like a car calendar or even you can enter some kind of contest for a car for your dad and see if you win. Maybe is you are rich you can buy him a car! This is for if want to keep it car themed.

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    a colone

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