Rocky Horror in High school?

My high school drama teacher is 100% okay with the show, but he is worried that our district wont be. I love the show and would not like the idea of taking out key parts that th district finds offensive, but on the other hand that may be the only way to put it on. Does anyone have any suggestions for a high school version that is a little softer? or any advice on how to get it past the school board?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You would have to mutilate it.

    Change every sexual word in the script

    No one could wear lingerie...the school board isn't going to let minors walk around in their underwear...because It's considered child pornography, and your teacher could be arrested.

    If you change all the "offensive" sexual language, put everyone in something considered sexual that still covers the body like a corset, and leather pants (with big heels of course), take out the sex scenes between brad/frank, and janet/frank, put rocky in a body suit, and then the gold underwear on top, and cut the songs "Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me" ( you may not even be able to get away with "Sweet Transvestite" depending on how uptight your state is) MIGHT fly.

    But personally, I think it's just not "Rocky Horror" without those things. I think your best bet is to just join the cast at your local midnight showing, and perform for willing fans of the movie when you turn 18.

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    maybe yes

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