Last minute plan change! What should we do instead?

My boyfriend and I have been looking forward since December going to Kinetic Fire. We were suppose to leave tomorrow morning. We put a post on Facebook saying how excited we are, when someone commented "it's NEXT weekend"!

Oooooh boy. We have nothing to do this weekend now and we were REALLY looking forward to getting away this weekend(my boyfriend could seriously use it). Living in Metro Detroit area, and camping is out of the question due to up coming cold weather...we are left with the question, what the hell should we do? We do not really want to stay at home all weekend, that would just be depressing lol.

We have two teenage boys and a 6 year old, that we may or may not include in this weekend.....if we could actually decide on what to do.

Any one have any ideas?

Very open, minus flying to another state(we may consider driving if not too far).

We need fresh ideas!

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    7 years ago
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    Go to Canada.

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