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Am I depressed or bipolar?

Im really not sure anymore. Because I do have mood changes a lot but something has to cause it. For example I was doing horrible on the math test I was taking today and I was legit crying because of it but then I got 94 on a previous math test and my entire mood changed. I became ecstatic because math is my worst subject. Then my friend got mad at me and I became really worked up over it and I cut myself. (This wasn't the first time) Then 5 minutes ago she told me she's sorry we made up and now Im completely over how bad I was feeling 5 minutes ago. Also I feel depressed at times but one good thing will get me back to happy but then I get depressed again 5 minuets later. It isn't for no reason it's like over an argument with my parents but still. Im not sure what I am. Help plz. Thanks


I also think that Im not just a moody teenager because Ive gotten so upset Ive tried to hang myself and I cut on a regular basis. I think about suicide one moment but Im really happy the next and forget about the suicidal thoughts

Update 2:

Also I took like 10 bipolar quizzes on line and I got 100 on all of them....

Update 3:

I've also had suicidal thoughts as early as second grade so I don't think it's just a teenage thing

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    You sound a little immature like most kids that go through stages. These moods are relatively normal and people's moods change. This does not make them bipolar. What you are describing is not what bipolar is or anything close to it. This isn't close to Major Depressive Disorder or Unipolar Depression either. Most people get happy when they do well on something that they've worked for and likewise people get upset. Kids also have arguments with their parents. Talk to a school counselor about the cutting before that snowballs into a problem. In the meantime, when you feel upset, take 5 and try to see if you can come back to the situation with a more reasonable approach. Part of maturing is learning how to regulate emotions and moods as an adult when presented with situations that are of a conflicting nature.

  • Jan
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    7 years ago

    Sounds like your hormones are just out of balanced sweetie. plus you are a senitive person, you want to be like VALUE people liking you. if they dont you want to punish yourself by cutting or make the hurt stop which causes another hurt , so stop doing that. it will only make ugly scars and THAT will bother you the rest of your life.

    there is a guy on youtube that is awesome with wont have to worry about making bad grades in math again here is the link

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    That is not bipolar. Bipolar disorder does not consist of switching moods every 5 minutes. That isn't depression either. You sound like every other teenager mixing hormones. Honestly.

    Source(s): Myself am Bipolar, it is much much more complicated than that.
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    I'm not a doctor- if you want an official opinion please consider talking to one. But I would like to ask you to try to stop cutting yourself. There are less harmful ways of destressing like exercise, pets, prayer, and just walking away for a few minutes. God bless

    Source(s): Read a psalm the next time you feel stressed. Please try it.
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  • 7 years ago

    Listen, as a diagnosed bi-polar, you need to talk to someone. Cutting is not normal. Get a GOOD doctor, not a scammer and you can live a happy healthy life.

  • I will pray for you it could just be depression because you have a cause for it, with Bi-polar you have no cause (Very few people have bi polar) message me God bless

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