Could bullying have scared me into being quiet?

In 3rd grade I was a tad quiet but had friends and talked to people. It was my best year ever at school. I had friends and a girl even liked me at the time. After 3rd grade I went to a school that was a bit more ghetto. I had to move and when I got to this school no one liked me. I started not caring about school and I only had one friend. Everyone insulted me. I went from a happy school to a torn down school where people were poor and filled with hate. This made me switch to a different school. When I got to the new school I was a 5th grader and got more quiet. The people at this school were nicer but I mostly kept to myself. It was a good year until 6th grade when some kids punched me in the stomach for no reason. Now I'm in the 10th grade and I've never had a girlfriend and I only have about 4 real friends.I always stay quiet in class and the closest person in my life is my sister. I think I may have social problems and need help. My life is ok now although kids in school can sometimes be mean but I guess that's how high school is suppose to be. Do you think this could have made me the person I am today? I always feel insecure and helpless. Should I get help?

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    I think yes, bullying may have made you quiet and the way you are today. It's horrible what you went through, and the fact that you feel so insecure really isn't healthy.

    For your well-being, yes I think you should get help. Yesterday a high-schooler committed suicide. It was horrible and everyone was so sad about it when we all found out today. I don't want the same thing to happen to you. I think you should find a counselor you trust and talk to them about it. Things will get better.

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