School makes me feel like a zombie. (Caps is not yelling, just important words i eant to stand out)?

Not to sound ignorant or anythinG. Im 14 and afreshmen, i also have 'adhd'... Now dont picture me as one of em disrepecting whiney bitches that conplain all day and cuss out the teacher. I was raised good and i am a polite respectful kid. I respect staff not because they are above me in authority but because they are adults. Anyway, i try to do all my work and limit my anger towards the work BUT, in the back of my mind is this.... I come to school in the morning, put my stuff in locker, and sit down in class. Read off a textbook, or jot down noets from the board. Packets, tests exams and quizes to see if we have memorized all the information down to the detail. Everybodys brain is dead when this is happening because we are uniNtrested, unexcited, And literally bored to death. U can put your head down and just sleep. Now me being an adhd kid i cant sleep in class but daydream, move around and on the go, very hard to focus. If i see a a insect move, SNAP my focus went to that lol. But we are FORCED to stay awake, do our work that is suppose to "educate" us when in reality, it is memorization and putting that info back down on papper, and if we say we are tired and bored. Teacher says "well im tired too but u gotta do what u gotta do". Well no *****, system is rigged and messed up to make us zombies and follow the rules, do whats told, and be a ****** brainwashed obedient, narrowminded fool that cannot do anything! Reasson we cant stay awake and pay attention is because OUR BRAIN IS NOT FOR MEMORIZING STUPID UNHELPFUL ****, if it was, dont u think we would be able to sustain focus and enjoy doing our work? We are here on a journey, expirence, adventure, but the people that run this **** makes us oblivious to the world around us. Anyway, i feel like a zombie, walking with my eyes half open, bouta fall asleep, arms out infront to grap the work the teacher is handing me and ****** put back the irrelevent info to my life down on papper. Now school IS meant for making u obedient, but certain topics/subjects can be very good for some and they enjoy it which is good. I understand that view, now wake up and look from the other view. Look at the system from above

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  • 7 years ago
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    I agree, and I used to teach in the system. If you do some research on different kinds of intelligence, you will see that there are at least seven different kinds of intelligence. Academic, artistic, musical, scientific/mathematic, physical, ... I forget what they all are. The point is, most high school courses are oriented toward only a few of the kinds of intelligence. Anyone whose intelligence is in working with his/her hands, or anything other than academic intelligence is usually out of luck. I bet that your intelligence is in one of these other areas, and you are not being challenged. It might be worth it to you to do some investigation into this, to find out where your strengths really are, so you can focus in those areas and be more stimulated. Good luck, and don't give up. Your ADHD is probably just a sign that you are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

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    7 years ago

    your right but work is exactly the same. what you need to do is find something you LOVE and study it from all angles be it sport or academic, become an expert in this field and use the information you learn to start your own business once you leave school. do this and you won't be a zombie your whole life.

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