simplify x2-16/x2-8x+16?

need help to simplify equation

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  • Mike G
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    7 years ago
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    (x+4)(x-4)/((x-4)^2 = (x+4)/(x-4)

  • 4 years ago

    [-x(x+4)]/(x+2) My artwork: [(sixteen/x^3)-(a million/x)]/[a million-(2/x)-(8/x^2)] Divide each and every thing by the terrific x variable interior the denominator (16x-x^3)/(x^2-2x-8) Simplify [-x(x^2-sixteen]/[(x-4)(x+2)] Simplify returned [-x(x-4)(x+4)]/[(x-4)(x+2)] Simplify returned and then go out ordinary aspects on the precise and the backside.. this could be (x-4) very final answer: [-x(x+4)]/(x+2) i understand this seems strange even though it somewhat is sweet. Math is my terrific concern =)

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