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Why does my cat hiss at my dog?

I just got a new kitten and she's really cute. She likes my other two cats but when she looks at my dog who is completely harmless, she starts to hiss and get really irritated. How do I prove to her that he's just a nice dog, and how do I get her to stop? Most importantly, why does she do it in the first place?

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    Your dog may be harmless but how is this kitten to know that? all she sees is a huge hairy dog and she has most likely never seen a dog before its all new and scary,that cats are okay as she recognises them for cats as she has been around them with her mum and siblings,

    your dog is another story as dog makes different sounds and smells so strange to her and most likely your dog want s to meet this kitten so is in her face making her scared all the more,so she then hisses in a form of defence and am sure she arches her back doing so to make herself look big and scary to the dog,

    try stroking your dog with a cloth then give to kitten to sniff the scent this way she gets to smell without the big scary dog!

    you must wait as they will become used to each other in the end but these things take time so don't rush as she will then become more irritated just what your trying to avoid,make sure kitten has a hiding place where the dog cannot go so she will feel relaxed then in her own time she will see there is no fear,

    we used to foster kittens and they were all scared of the dog at firs but as they came to realise no harm they became so confident it was our poor dog who then had to hide as kittens climbed on her and chased her tail!

    so she does because of fear all normal,hope this helps.

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    A knew kitten may not be familiar with a dog, so its probably scared of the dog. The kitten hisses to warn the intruder, in this case your dog. Give it time, the kitten may warm up to your dog with your help. Love on both of them at the same time but not close together. Let the kitten know you love the dog and the kitten as well so there is no jealousy.

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    Completely harmless? Unless you are with the two of them 24/7 you don't know what is going on. A lot of people thought/think their dog is completely harmless and they are until they are unsupervised with a cat and then the chase is on!!!! For whatever reason the cat's hissing is a "back off" warning. Keep them separated when you cannot supervise them until this stops.

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    What you will possibly desire to do is merely enable your cat hiss and growl. This habit is thoroughly general. you do not say who got here first, yet i'm assuming the cat got here after the dogs. this is totally stressful to a cat to have a unexpected replace in environment or territory. to characteristic yet another animal into the mixture is much greater stressful. Your cat is merely speaking a warning to this dogs. some thing like, "i don't comprehend you, and that i don't choose you around me. i'm not fearful of you and that i visit attack in case you do not watch your doorstep." That final bit is in all danger all bluff, inspite of the undeniable fact that this is substantial on your cat to offer this warning as a manner to guard himself from a skill possibility. If there is any question in any respect with regard to the protection of the two the dogs or the cat, you will possibly desire to by no potential pass away them on my own jointly. All interactions might desire to be supervised. do not intrude till there is actual touch after which you will possibly desire to basically do away with the aggressor (or the bigger possibility - often the dogs through fact of length). enable the cat hiss and growl to his coronary heart's content. It takes time for a cat to regulate and strengthen have faith. if your dogs potential no injury, your new cat will learn this at last. be sure your dogs does not harrass the cat. You dogs will hear to you, your cat won't. it somewhat is merely how this is. the perfect thank you to get your cat to evolve to the dogs is with the help of making specific your cat feels secure. by no potential positioned the cat in a position the place it feels cornered or threatened. the belief is to envision have faith of YOU and then have faith of the dogs. supply it a while. meanwhile, supply some extra information on the age of the cat and the size, age and temperment of the dogs and that i supply you some extra help.

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