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Will bullshido forums be a good place or community for someone who is starting traditional martial arts?

US karate-do in particular.

If it isn't, can you suggest other forums?


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    When Bullshido first came into existence watched it for a short time. It seemed to be legitimate. but it turned into a really nasty group of guys that constantly trash many martial artists that are very well respected by people that have 30,40, 50 years of martial arts background. None of the guys on Bullshido have anywhere near that much experience. Yet they talk trash about people they have never met.

    And what is US Karate-do ? Sounds specious to me. There are no traditional karate styles using such a name. That tells me it is an Americanized creation. Any Karate style that is taught as it should be does not need to be Americanized. Be careful. Best to stick to a school that teaches a style with a strong background that is recognized in Okinawan or Japan, rather than messing around with Americanized styles. They are always missing key points. That is why they feel the need to change things and call what they do American ......

    *** EDIT: notice that so far two people with 30 or more years of martial arts training have said that Bullshido is biased and trashes good people. The only people that are saying it is a good place are people with a fraction of the experience that the seniors here have. now who are you going to believe? I'll agree that Bullshido claims that they are interested in exposing fakes in the martial arts. And they have done that...... BUT, they also trash people that are very good and legitimate martial artists too. And they certainly don't send people to check out the guys they trash, they just start spreading their opinions and prejudice.

    ***Edit: I see more answers attacking those of us that have decades of experience. I stand by my earlier statements. Note : it seems that the new answers are by young people that can't possible have a great base of experience, or by brand new accounts that could be troll accounts. In any case they have not proven themselves yet. They are welcome to their opinions, but to attack those that are much more experienced is like a 3rd grader bad mouthing his teacher.


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    Bullshido Forums

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    Martial arts ans sport are 2 totally different concept. They by no means are equal. The 2 look different and are practiced different. Unfortunately many today do not know the difference. Many are being taught a sport and never learn the art. Therefore people with no knowledge of the arts see a weak version of a true art and gauge everyone according to their knowledge of martial arts and they don' have any knowledge. I love how pugspaw, sensei scandal, stillcrazy put it. I have nothing against those that play games. That is great for them. However, I am interested in having the knowledge and ability of self defense. I'm interested in budo. I do not even want to use the term martial with sport. The 2 does not go together. One is a game. The other is war. There is nothing better than when attacked knowing how to position yourself in a manner that the attacker can't do anything, but is exposed to everything that will stop the threat immediately. When I was a child I played tag. I don't play that childish game anymore. We used to trade punches in grade school. I don't trade punches anymore. If I hit you I mean to stop you. I do not look for a referee to say you tapped out. I'll know you are out when the lights go out and you go limp. I'll know that you surrender when I hear or feel the joint snap. I'll know you can't use that limb right now to attempt to harm me or my family.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Will bullshido forums be a good place or community for someone who is starting traditional martial arts?

    US karate-do in particular.

    If it isn't, can you suggest other forums?


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    Is better to get knowledgeable enough first before you participated in forums. In forums you will see a bunch of kids braising or dashing arts and ways, and in relation with the amount of talk that is going on in those forums, there is really not that much valuable information in comparison with other sources. I would suggest better books, videos or even interviews on good martial artists from your style of choice to get better information. For community type of talking you will have a lot of people in the place that you are going to train anyway.:)

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    I would suggest to stay away from forums altogether. PERIOD. Trash talking will clutter your mind with unnecessary questions and doubts. This will inevitably interfere with your training and keep you from being the best you can be. Being good in martial arts requires a clear and calm/peaceful mind.

    Research history through reliable sources (trash talking is not reliable sources) like books. Learn about the culture your martial art is from. Get some books on techniques even if they are not your style. Above all find a good traditional teacher who teaches martial arts as they were intended and not watered down to appeal to the masses so everybody can do, or modified to use in sports.

    With just some common sense you will figure out many things yourself if you are willing to earn them. Picking up what others have already chewed and regurgitated is not the best way to go especially if you do not know the individuals posting their opinions or their background.

    Other than that put on blinders and just train and don't listen too much to what others say about this or that. Do the right thing and trust your instincts (developing good instinct is actually part of being a martial artist). If you listen to to many things you will be pulled in many different directions and most likely will become discouraged.

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    There a bunch of egotistical air heads. Who wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in there ***. If any thing is a fraud it would be that forum.

    There are a few decent forums I can list a little later. I don't have time to find them I'm getting on a plane in a few minutes


    below is a good forum

    to comment on some of the crap people posted about bullshido relying on individuals is a complete load of crap. i remember on several occasions all they did was rip apart a school but when that school challenged them to come down and find out for there self no one from bullshido did. there just full of themselves

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    Bullshido was on Jeopardy. That gives the site more "martial arts credibility" than any other martial arts website I can think of.

    But if you are an internet goof who gets an emotional high from chatting and trolling, an alleged 15th-Dan master of ancient killing styles who refuses to simply spar with others unless they are utterly compliant, or someone convinced that sports fighters can't fight "for real, in da street".... you should stay out.

    Edit: What's with all the old guys claiming martial artistry with no proof? That must be a Yahoo Answers thing...that doesn't fly at Bullshido.

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    Bullshido is a wonderful resource if you want to get to the truth of Martial Arts.

    If you make a claim be prepared to back that claim up with proof.

    Most of the people who have a bad time at bullshido do so because they lack the ability to make a cogent argument using good rhetoric and get upset when things have to be dumbed down and vulgarized for them to get it.

    So if you go to Bullshido with an open mind and a willingness to debate with the goal of finding the truth vs trying to prove that your school/teacher/style is the best ever. You will do fine.

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    The previous responders make a big deal out of the number of years they've studied Martial Arts. And it's that very mindset that shows why they dislike the Bullshido website.

    Here's the deal about Bullshido members: to them, it doesn't matter what style you train, or the number of years you've trained in it. The only thing that matters is whether or not you can actually use the skills you claim to possess; titles, ranks, little patches on your gi, none of that matters at the end of the day because the Martial Arts are primarily about fighting.

    Now, when you combine this idea -- one that's extremely unpalatable to people who've spent "30 years" training in the Martial Arts simply to benefit their own egos -- with Bullshido's contempt for "sacred cows", mythology, mysticism, and all the other nonsense that pervades the Martial Arts world, people who subscribe to said nonsense are going to be upset.

    And that's the point.

    So to answer your question, if you're the type of person who does Martial Arts because you want to stroke your ego, or to increase your self esteem, or to get in touch with your third chakra so you can chi blast people with deadly cancer rays, then if you post on Bullshido you're gonna have a bad time.

    But if you realize that the entire point of the Martial Arts is to become proficient at fighting, and genuinely want to do that, (and aren't a thin-skinned sissy-pants), you'll fit right in.

    Edit: well since the first response is now using the Edit feature to turn this into a discussion forum, please take careful note of how he continues to assert his years of experience while dismissing the entire point about this being irrelevant.

    Plenty of people on the roads have been driving for 30+ years, and many of those people are still horrible drivers. Just because you've done something for a long time doesn't mean you're good at it, it just means... that you've been doing it for a long time.

    And this is the kind of broken thinking that Bullshido, as a community, fundamentally rejects. If you've spent 30 years learning how to punch, kick, or choke people, then the number of years isn't what's important; it's YOUR ABILITY TO ACTUALLY PUNCH, KICK, or CHOKE people, that matters.

    Which, again is why Bullshido rejects empty assertions like that, and prefers to rely on what an individual can actually do, in comparison to what they say they can do.

    If you've spent 30 years waving your arms at invisible opponents, those 30 years aren't worth 6 months of classes spent at a school that spars full contact every class.

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