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I need some good advice?

I've not had a lot of friends and its been rough for me. I'm 16 and I got to role playing on tumblr and met few friends but 1 months later I attempted suicide cause they said they were always be my friend and never leave me, I've said things like cursing once I got out cause I was mad and sorry numerous of times and now they never speak to me.

I over obsessed trying to get them to forgive me cause I felt like they were the only friends that I got weak mentally every day.

I threw my problems at them as in told him how bad my day was and I feel like I deserved it.

How do I stop obsessing over people and how to not have so much free time cause I take online high school classes?

Sorry for such a long question

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    Get out and do some sports get out in the community!! :) and dont let anyone make you feel like comminting sucide!! Lifes worth living your only 16 !!! Once your out of highschool life is even better yeah you have more responsiblities !! But its much more freedom anf thats when you find your truth friends ! :)

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