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Does this guy like me?

Well, I'm a freshman and he's a sophomore. I really like him. Literally my face light up every time I even see him in the hallways. But the thing is, I don't know if he likes me. We used to sit by eachother, but got moved for distracting the class. He would take my stuff, and talk with me, and we would just talk about so many different things. Especially hockey. We both love it. He stares at me a lot, even this other girl told me. And he always walks by my desk ever chance he can. He kept trying to get me to tell him who I liked, but hasn't for a while. But we still get in trouble for talking. He jokingly makes fun of me too, and we just get along great. Now I sit next to his best friend and they always look at me and then go back to talking and then look at me again. We don't text, but talk during class, lunch, and sometimes out off hour. The class we have together is 2 hours long, so it's pretty obvious when he stares. Can someone help? How should I go about getting his number if I think he likes me?

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    First of all yes, but second of all he sounds like he doesn't think you like him so you need to give him some strong signals that you like him back =)

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