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My dog bit me! Scared I might get rabies or something?

I got a chichuahua from petsmart for adoption. I was eating chicken and she took the bone from my hand. I began freaking out because I thought she was going to choke on it. I placed my finger in her mouth and tried to take out, but she bit me really hard. I have an extremely small tear on my skin, it didn't show blood, just pink flesh. They told me that she is up to date on all her shots but I'm freaking out that I can get an infection or rabies. My finger hurts so bad. Help!!

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    You don't need to post this twice.

    We already answered your question.

  • Anonymous
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    The chance of getting rabies approaches zero, especially if your dog is up to date on her rabies shot. Regardless, if she is still alive 10 days from now, even if she develops rabies, she wasn't in the contagious stage when she bit you.

    Infection is also unlikely, especially if you cleaned it well and put on some antibiotic ointment. Keep an eye on it for a few days and if it becomes red or hard, get to a doctor for some antibiotics.

    HOWEVER, you need to tell your mom what happened. (Yes, I know you'd rather not, but just tell her what you told us about being afraid your dog would choke--and that was a real possibility--and tell your mom you've learned your lesson and will be more careful from now on when you're eating something that could be harmful to the dog). Because if you haven't had a tetanus shot in the last 8 or so years, you will need one of those. Tetanus can be fatal, and your mom is the one who has to decide how serious this is. More info:

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    Dog is up to date on shots, including rabies. Rabies shots are required by law and a rescue would obviously give their dogs the shots.

    the dog does not have the disease.

    Rabies Vaccine is to -prevent- the dog from becoming infected. Meaning, if the dog is attacked by a rabid animal, the dog will not get rabies from it because its body already has immunity to it.

    Wash your hand and put ice on it. the pain is probably from a bruise.

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    You won't get rabies if your dog doesn't have rabies. Your finger won't get infected unless you take horrible care of it so just wash it and put some antibiotic ointment like Neosporin on it.

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  • 7 years ago

    If you get rabies, that is your own fault, because it is your dog after all. Anyway, use some alcohol, soap, hyndrogen peroxide and put it on the affected area

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    When it has rabies foam will come out its mouth. Dogs have an aggression to protect their food when they eat so does my dog she growls and bites sometimes.

    Source(s): You should get the rabies shot I think every 2 years
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    i dont think you'll get rabies i just think it herts badly just put some ice and a bandaid o it and you'll be alright !!!:) :) :) :)

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    Bite her hard hard and show finger to her

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