Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsMarriage & Divorce · 8 years ago husband says I'm bad on top and he's mean about it..?

I've never been one to spend a lot of time on time and I've had my fair share of action. But my husband wants me to all the time which is fine except it even feel good for me and he always complains which makes me self conscious. Like I twist my hips too much or that I was " making him just vibrate or shake" but that's because I was trying to go fast.. becuz he told me to. Its not like I wasn't going up and down on him I still was.. anyways.. I don't know what to do and he doesn't care that he's rude about it. Totally turns me off. Btw I'm only nineteen and so is he.. we haven't even been married for a year. I'd like a GUYS advice too....

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    your hubby is a piece of crap

    and I bet you are fantastic on top

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    This is BS. Tell him to cut it out. You know you are fine and he is full of it. Ask him if he would like you to complain about him? Did he complain before you were married? I think this is just a control and bullying thing in the worst way possible. Tell him so and that if he can't stop this nonsense, you would like both of you to go to a marriage counselor. he should not be making you feel bad about yourself.

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    well he has to be careful. he could scar your feelings and make his love life suck. but there is hope for you. you can order some instructional sex videos, then he can learn what I am sure he doesn't, and that's oral. most men have not a single clue. it amazes me how men even get laid in the first place. a woman is a bit of work. but I love the could find something online.your husband needs to learn, on top is a woman's pleasure. it is not supposed to get the guy off fast. it's a position for the guy to last and the woman to get off when she wants to.

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    Way too young to be married. That's all you need to know.

    Any 19 year old will treat a diamond like a piece of coal. He sounds whiny and ungrateful.

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  • 8 years ago

    The next time he wants to do a position that he likes and is not your favorite, tell him how sorry he is at it and you'd just as soon use one of your toys. : )

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    your with the wrong man,,most men want there women to kick and jump and scream for more,,put him in a pair of your panties order him into a corner and have him watch you have sex with a real man to show him how its done

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    He really is ungrateful dont give it to him for awhile and see how he change his ways

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