Android or Windows 8 tablet?

Hi there, I'm currently looking for a tablet. I've never owned one before so I have no experience whatsoever with the gadget. I'm confused as to whether I should choose Android or Windows 8 as my tablet's OS.

One thing for sure, I won't be getting iOS because I have a Lenovo laptop and I want to be able to connect my tablet to my laptop.

I would only use my tablet primarily for reading pdf's and watching videos (such as youtube or flv/mp4 files) and also for wi-fi. I'm not going to use it for gaming or video/photo editing and other stuff like that.

So here are some features that I'm looking for in my tablet for consideration:

- Large screen size (reading & watching videos are more comfortable on large screens)

- Long or at least a decent battery life (I spend most of my time on the road so I won't have plenty of time to charge every now and then)

- A nice screen display (again, for reading & watching video purposes)

That's it. Like I said, I won't be using it to play games or other high-tech utility stuff; only the basic stuff such as reading, watching videos, and wi-fi.

Thank you in advance.


Could you also recommend me the name/brand of the tablets? There are so many Android/Windows 8 tablets out there. Each has its own specs and features. I don't know much about tablets so I'm clueless as to choose the right one for me.

Update 2:

Wow thank you Jdeats. That's some insightful info you've provided me right there. :) Anyway, yeah a lot of people told me to go with Android tablets instead since Windows 8 tends to have a lot of problems that ought to be fixed by Microsoft,

I was initially thinking something like the Samsung Galaxy Tab/Note 10.1, Google Nexus 10, or Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, but I have my doubts though because I heard/read that :

- Galaxy Tab/Note : screen quality is rather poor

- Nexus 10 : battery life is disappointing (plus the charger charges very slowly it's annoying)

- Asus Transformer : sooo.... pricey (plus I also heard that it still runs on the old Ice Cream Sandwich OS as opposed to the current Jellybean - don't know if it would make much of a difference though)

So I don't know....

I've heard before about Microsoft Surface Pro and Amazon Kindle Fire but I haven't really checked on them both. But I do know that named Microsoft Surface the best Wind

Update 3:

Oh my previous post got cut...! Anyway, here's the rest of the post :

I've heard before about Microsoft Surface Pro and Amazon Kindle Fire but I haven't really checked on them both. But I do know that named Microsoft Surface the best Windows 8 tablet around and Kindle Fire HD the best media consumption tablet.

I don't know, though. I still have my doubts. What do you think?

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    First a bit about Windows tablets: Windows tablets actually come in two varieties, Windows 8 tablets which are actually tablet/notebook PC hybrids (e.g. Microsoft Surface Pro) and then those running Windows RT (Microsoft Surface) which is a stripped down version of Windows 8 that looks like Windows 8, but can only run Windows RT apps purchased through the Microsoft app store. The price difference is significant. Windows RT tablets start around $500 ($600 with the keyboard/case attachment) and then Windows 8 tablets (Surface Pro) starting around $900. Windows RT is Microsoft's tablet OS and devices that run Windows RT are lighter weight and are priced comparable to other tablets. Tablet devices running Windows 8 are really notebooks that can transform into heavy tablets. The thing I love about the Microsoft Surface tablets are the flip-case and the integrated keyboard. No other tablet gets this right like Microsoft has done. Also, I like that Microsoft Office is included with every Windows tablet.

    Android tablets will give you access to more apps and will cost about $100 less for comparable screen size. If you have an Android phone you'll be able to download apps you've already purchased through Google Play or Amazon App Store to your tablet at no cost. Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus 10 are two models I would recommend looking at, both will give you access to the Google Play Store with tens of thousands of movies, books, etc…

    Based on what you've said you're looking for "using it for the basic stuff: reading, watching videos, wi-fi (web browsing)" I would strongly recommend you look at the larger Kindle Fire HD 8.9". The Kindle Fire HD is an Android tablet, it's just running Amazon's custom version of Android. The most popular Android apps are available in the Amazon App store. On top of being a high quality product the Kindle Fire HD has the advantage of Amazon's huge library of movies, books and music. No other tablet can claim this library and Amazon has not released their video player for other Android tablets. You can rent movies on the Kindle Fire HD that you can not on a Windows tablet or any other Android tablet yet, Google Play and Microsoft's App Store just can't compete with Amazon's library.

    So given all of this information I would suggest taking a trip to your local Best Buy and spending some time with the Microsoft Surface, The Galaxy Tab and the Kindle Fire HD.

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    Google Play Movies On Windows 8

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    Well it's quite hard to choose for you because if you get a Windows tablet you will be able to do quite a lot of things but they are priced at 1000 bucks. If you get an Android tablet you won't do as much as with the Windows tablet but you will be able to do a lot of things as long as you get a 200 plus priced tablet, if not you tablet will be very sucky.

    Source(s): Have tried Windows tablet, have two cheap working tablets, trying to fix a broken Acer tablet.
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