RACIST PARENTS!!! help me i really like him...?

Ok so im a 14 yr old white girl and hav a black boyfriend the same age as me... we've been dating for over 6 months and he treats be better than anyone else i know.... the problem is i hav very racist parents.. they wont even consider letting me see let alone be friends with a black guy.. so my question is how do we stay going out over the summer without breaking up.. ik he doesn't want to break up either but if we never see each other or talk then we'd have no other choice.. i want to see him often but i cant go to his house and he can't come to mine.. i cant txt him bc i dont hav a phone... ( dont ask how im on yahoo its a long story..) should i sneak him over? (If so how.... i live upstairs in a f.r.o.g. no window) if not what are some good ways that i can see him often without my parents knowing? Please no lectures on how its not a good idea.. ik its not and im ready to face the consequences if i get caught.. ik wat the risk is already.. also please dont say to talk to my parents and they might understand.. trust me THEY WONT like no matter wat... pleasse give lists of ideas.. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    I agree with kaylee set up a sting to try and go out somewhere with your friends but your really meeting him there, it'll work trust me. I feel so sorry for ya :(.

    And please dont listen to the half Arabian guy Ramzi 2.0 zoom zoom playa, hes just a perfect example of racism. Hell for all I know you could be the brother of the Boston Marathon Bomber Jackass!! FYI everyone he deleted his racist post right after I posted mine. "He said she should put some fried chicken in her room and watch him come bust down the wall and create a window and so she wouldnt have to worry about a window anymore." I could easily just call you a terrorist dummy....

  • 7 years ago

    If your parent aren't strict...tell them its your life not theirs and if they are strict try this: tell them u r going to the mall or someplace with friends then have him meet you there. I think its also best and not so awkward if you invite the friends who have boyfriends as well. Hope this helped.

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