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I read the answer on mite on guinea pig about freezing their beding?

I live in PR how often do I change bedding I buy them aspen , will they jump of the guinea pig or they will die on them I have 2 baby guinea pigs for my boys one of the guinea pig hair is falling of on the nose and and has dry skin thank you

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    I am treating a guinea pig for mites myself right now and just assumed she got them form the bedding and the exotic vet said absolutely not. She is almost 1 year old and the exotic vet said they have been on her dormant every since I purchased her when she was 6 weeks old! Simply cleaning the cage and every thing in it with each treatment is all you need to do.

    There is nothing you can purchase at the pet store that will cure the mites, you will simply waste money and g your guinea pig will suffer.

    Source(s): 32+ years dedicated to caring for and loving guinea pigs
  • Patty
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    You need to take the guinea pigs to a vet that treats guinea pigs and get them started on a medicine called overreacting. Also when cleaning the cage, make sure you wash the cage with soap and hot water along with food bowl, and hut. Mites do not come from bedding Several of my guinea pigs had a couple bouts with mites and this is what I had to do.

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    Guinea pigs cannot get mites from bedding. Mites need a host. They cannot survive on bedding. Guinea pigs already have mites. When the guinea pig is stressed, sick etc mites can flourish and that's when they become a problem.

    You can get ivermectin and treat at home or take them to a vet to be treated.

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    please go to the vet with this. there are special treatments available for mites. depending on how many mites there are, this can actually get dangerous for your guinea pigs, especially for the babys.

    but yes, you should change the bedding as often as you can, but only as additional treatment, not instead of going to the vet

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    If you go to petco or pet smart they have stuff to put on your pet to treat it. Also freezing your bedding is good too and washing their toys and cage with dawn dish soap will help too.

    Source(s): I had the same problem.
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