How disgusting and selfish is it to say forgive them?

People who hurt me and caused trouble to me did it so cleverly that innocent good people failed to realise, now saying forgive them only shows their insensitivety to my feelings and also shows that my life means blnothing to them, I hate such people more than those who troubled, those evil people should be punished and anyone thinking of forgiving them should suffer in life at the hands of similar mean guys so as to realise how selfish they were to easily let go of them, everyone who did wrong to me or defended/ forgave those should suffer similarly, God Almighty remotely will punish them ,I will get justice I know, it is a shame to say forgive those pigs, only a selfish heartless animal can forgive those lustful bloody swines, I don't need to plot against them because no matter which corner of the world they are,God will punish them to give me justice, all those who helped/forgave then are selfish because they didn't suffer they didn't bother but God will punish them,I will get justice because God exists, I am too good to be understood by self centred people n those bedroom whores of these pigs will rot in hell

I think very few people have faith nowadays,comment if U R a believer who has pure eyes that don't need hair cover on womento think purely,

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I agree

    But what the hell are you talking about

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