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How do i stop being quiet?

Basically, when I talk to girls, or guys for that matter, I have trouble being heard. Also with girls, I have trouble like getting to know because I'm not naturally outgoing. Like I can get girlfriends, or at least I used to be able to, because I'm pretty confident, and plenty attractive, and I also have a good personality, I just have trouble showing people that I'm confident so they never get to know my personality. I think that I scare girls away most of the time because I glare at people a lot.

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    Just practice speaking louder, at first it'll be weird, but you'll adjust and you'll start speaking louder. Don't mumble and try and project your voice over the person's head, which will help amplify your words. Furthermore, even if you aren't confident, walk around with good posture, keep your head up, smile, and ACT confidence. Acting and tricking yourself that you are confident will already make you more confident. And reflect on your strengths and the good things that happen versus the bad, so it'll help you develop that sense of confidence. You'll be okay.

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