What is GRADE 9 like for K12 online?

My daughter has a number of learning/emotion disabilities, so we homeschooled her through 6th grade. We kept questioning this decision, and finally put her in public school. BIG MISTAKE. We were advised to let her repeat 6th grade, as the 7th graders would "eat her up." She spent two years being treated TERRIBLY to the point of being traumatized. The teachers dn't know how to deal with bullies, etc., and would end up making things worse.

Anyway, last year we put her in K12 virtual, which was a tremendous success. Whereas her ISATs show two Basics and an Advanced, it was actually a HUGE improvement!

For instance, she was on a 4th grade math level at the beginning of the year. She took the test, and while it shows Basic, you could tell through the results that she had improved by three grade levels!

Obviously, I was quite happy this year, but I was given a tutor and textbooks. This was especially beneficial, because she has a severe sleep issue. Next year is all online, from what I understand....???? With her extreme behaviors and attention span, I'm very concerned. I do know that she will be receiving Title 1 teachers, which should help, but I'm just wondering how much will be expected online?

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    7 years ago
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    Honestly, it varies from state to state and district to district, because when K12 signs the contracts, they agree to allow the district to keep control. Sooo...if your district is accommodating and reasonable, K12 should be, too. :-/

    You can also get K12 independently, but you'll have to pay for it. The advantage there is that you aren't part of the public system anymore.

    Interesting. I've been homeschooling my kiddo with LDs since K as well. This upcoming year will be his 6th grade year.

    Middle school is pretty brutal. The local homeschoolers are all pretty united in their stance of, "S/he can go to high school, but NOT middle school!" Sigh. Such grand memories, huh?

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