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My parents dont understand the reason i wrote my poem the way i did and want me to change it?

Okay so were writing a poem for anti bullying in english and mine is called a suiceide note from me to you and i love it but my parents think its too graphic and i shouldnt put the word suicide in it or write about the part when she shoots her self but i love it and it does exactly what i want it to do and i dont want to defy my parents but i am madly in love with it and i dont want to change it. I understand it is deep and graphic but thats how i wanted it to be but my dad says it too graphic and not creative and basically wants me to sugar cote everything and i dont want to do that. I wouldve written it for you but it was too long to fit. So what should i do? Should i change it and make my parents happy and the poem lose all meaning to me od do i leave it the way it is and present it how i wanted it to be?

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    7 years ago

    I don't believe you should change it. If you're proud of what you've created, why change it for the sake of others? It's like telling an artist to change their painting, because they don't like the colors. It shouldn't be like that. Your parents are just afraid your poem might upset someone. Be proud of what you create, it's your child.

  • 7 years ago

    Don't change it. Tou're the author. It's your vision. And you like it, that's what matters! Don't sugar coat it unless YOU want to. It's your work of art and your vision, no one should tell you to change it.

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