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This girl is always bossing me around and calling me an hour a day! How can I make this STOP?

She is super annoying!! ! SHE WATSES MY TIME when she calls me on a school day and tells me what to do on the phone and I listen! She even said to me "If you hang up I will cut myself" I have things to do and I don't need other people to waste my time. What is wrong with her?

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    Ok. You need to sit her down and calm her up and have a serious word with her. Patiently tell her that your getting annoyed by her and that she can't not accept this.She needs to understand you and that you have to tell her she cant have you back even if she keeps on acting like this.It doesn't matter how annoying shes getting you need to somehow permanently shut her away.By doing so seriously, relaxingly and respectfully.

    Otherwise she is just going to come back to you and do it even more! So again tell her that you don't like her so please stop just give up. You are not pleased by what shes saying or constantly doing! She needs to calm down, refix her problems and move on again from her own wheels. Don't bother continuing to respond back to her in any way. Or anymore.Move on in peace and relax. Ignore her and forget about her and don't focus on her anymore.If this still continues get help from someone who can fix this problem one to one and report it as harrassment.The best way to stop her is to have someone serious who she can sit with comfortably and talk with her.

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    I had someone do the EXCACT same thing as to me as well. I went and saw the school counsellor with a couple of my close friends about it then had a big discussion with the girl with the counsellor present, I simply told her that she was ruining my mental health and education. this still kept going on until I was able to get a restraining order on her and she would not be able to contact me or the matter would be taken to court. after I told her this she stopped harassing me. Tell this person that its not your problem if she cuts herself, it's hers. she may have depression and has learnt that maybe you are the only one will take her crap, and that's why she bosses you around, because she know she can control you.

    good luck (:

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    You need to tell someone. She could harm herself. Usually the person being like this is having family problems at home.she take it out on others because she doesn't get the attention at home. Tell a counceler or parent because she needs someone to talk to

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    Why do you even p.c.. up the telephone? permit it visit VM and forget approximately approximately her prefer for interest. If she's threatening to diminish herself than I recommend you tell anybody this is a mutual buddy/acuqaintence approximately her desirous to diminish herself. She's in a delicate state and needing interest, you need no longer play into it. in actuality i might recommend she get therapy as this is the perfect a possibility interest for a cutter.

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    I say tell your school counselor. Yea, he/she will take care of it for you, she sounds attention seeking.

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