Is there something wrong with my henna?

Hello I've been trying to get henna for years,and finally I successfully got it.

I put it on and it dried and such but If it touched anything while dry it peels off.if it gets wet it all comes off.

I have reason to believe that henna is suppose to stay on your skin for 2 weeks from research,and friends with it bad henna or am I doing it wrong.

I used:


Lemon Juice (100%.the ones in those little lemon bottles)




This was the recipe I was given but oil they said was optional.and I don't have any. So i went without.

May this be an effect because of no oil?..

Please help me.

I really want henna that may stay for at least a few days.

Thank you.

Also the henna I used was from a kit for beginners and such so I suppose it would not be bad henna.

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  • Seryph
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    7 years ago
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    Okay, the paste you put on your skin is supposed to come off. It stains your skin, leaving an orangey, reddish or brown stain behind, it is this stain that stays for between 1 and 3 weeks, not the paste.

    If you bought one of those craft store style henna for kids sets then the henna is probably next to useless, it needs to be fresh and those things just aren't. Also, your recipe is a little over complicated, generally you would use either water or lemon juice, and only a tiny bit of sugar, and realistically the cinnamon and nutmeg aren't going to do much, apart from maybe make it smell a bit nicer.

    I recommend getting a good batch of henna from somewhere like or and either buying premade paste from them, or the powder, but make it very simply to start with. Just a small amount of henna, with enough lemon juice to make it the thickness of toothpaste. Then apply it, leave it on for at least two hours, and then brush off the paste. You will have a lovely henna stain, that will stay for around a week, maybe more.

    Source(s): I am a professional henna artist.
  • 7 years ago

    It will only stay on your skin 2 weeks if you don't wash it. Normal henna stays on 1 week at the most. I usually do a design and then touch it up after 3 days.

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