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What are the main difference between living in the northwestern US and living in Alberta, Canada?

I'm from Oregon and I'm considering going to the University of Alberta after high school because I want experience in another country but not too far. A lot of the American stereotypes aren't present where I live- not everyone's perfectly fit but there aren't THAT many fat people, people aren't generally rude, etc. What should I expect in Canada? (Also, is it okay if I don't speak a word of French?)

Also, what is the weather like up there?

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    Think Wyoming with a little less snow but just as cold. We were in Cody last summer and it felt just like home. (No gun culture to speak of in Alberta, unlike Wyoming or Montana). issue in the least!

    Albertans are the most likely people to accept Americans "as is": (warts and all) and has a lot of US expats who have stayed over the years. Not as conservative culturally or socially as everyone portrays, but financially we are extremely conservative and generally reject all forms of socialism.

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    Did you know that Oregon is actually NORTH of parts of Canada? So, what's the weather like up there? :)

    Canadians often think of Albertans as much like Americans. Trade, etc., when north and south for many years before developing east-west, so, the culture for southern Alberta, and say Wyoming are not so very different.

    You will find racism a fair bit less in Canada. Multi-racial relationships and marriages are no big deal. There is very, very little French spoken in Alberta, so, that won't be an issue, although you will see French everywhere - everything sold in Canada must be labelled in both of those languages. And, there will be French language stations on TV.

    Alberta weather is a lot drier than Oregon's coastal areas. Winters would be colder, but, summers hotter than the coast. I don't know eastern Oregon's weather; if it is like Washington, then, you will find Alberta fairly similar, except much colder in winter.

    Otherwise, the differences are pretty subtle. Accent, a bit, and some different words. Canadians eat a LOT more doughnuts than Americans do, and our beer is stronger (and the drinking age in Alberta is 18). Prices are generally higher for stuff, and of course our money looks a lot different. Other than that, you would likely not notice all that much difference.

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    Really not a lot. Many things cost more in Canada and others less. Once you have your student visa you can be under Canadian medical which is very cheap. Overall if works out about the same.

    You do not need to know a work of French anywhere in western Canada. No more than you need Spanish in Oregon.

    Edmonton is a little colder than say Portland. About the same weather as a place like Boise.

    You will find that most Canadians in Edmonton sound the same as people from Oregon.

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    the weather does not change magically at the border. North Dakota is same as Saskatchewan. Oregon is on the coast, it's not the same as Montana, the closest to Alberta. Alberta does get to -10F in the winter, and snow starts in november and melts by April- again NOT the same as Oregon.

    as far as culture and attitude.. Alberta is one of the more conservative and pro-business provinces, a long way from Texas, but not quite as liberal as British Columbia.

    forget French, this is mostly spoken in the eastern Province of Quebec, north of NY.

    why not consider U of BC in Vancouver? That would be within driving distance of your home and very similar weather. You maybe shocked at the cost of living. Check it out by visiting first.

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    Canada and US are really similiar in terms of people. There are a lot of fat canadians. Doesn't matter if you don't speak french. Espeially not in Alberta. if u want a canadian university i suggest something more like UBC, Queens, MgGill(in this area, it would be more useful to speak french but it doesn't really matter), University of Waterloo.

    University of Alabama isn't that impressive and it's not that big.

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    As you want to know about the City of Edmonton in particular. A major mostly English speaking city in an English speaking province you do not have to speak French if you do not want too.

    This little park is near the campus.

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    The fitness centre at the University is Known as the BUTTER DOME

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    The mall is much bigger than Lloyd Center.

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    Can you ride a bike?

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    Edmontonians are FAT asses with pride. Wear your mitts.

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    Weather it happens every day. The summer days are very long.

    As you will be a student in class you will not be outside.very much.

    It has been known to snow sometimes. and even get cold in winter. You just wear warmer clothes

    Skiers yield to dog sleds and snow shoes yield to skiers. Simple eh.

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    Station on Campus

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    Youtube thumbnail

    Nice campus Students from around the world.Building are interconnected with tunnels and bridges

    you can stay indoors on cold days if you want.

    YOU do need a visa to study in Canada

    You apply for it AFTER you get admitted to U of A

    Forgot you student want party.

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    310-TAXI is all you need to remember.

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