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diabetes or something else?

I'm 17 and the last few days I've noticed that I've been urinating more frequently for me. Now it might not be frequent so far as diabetes goes but i dont really know so help would be nice. So since maybe the weekend 5 days ago I've been more thirsty than usual even though I'm drinking as regularly as usual (although a lot isnt water, if thats a major factor in this i dont know) So I normally go to the bathroom in the morning before school and Sometimes once in school, when I get home from school and before bed. Now its the same but going in school has become a regular thing because I cant hold it passed 10am-12pm. and then 3-4 times when I'm at home from 2pm-10:30pm. Is that frequent enough for a diabetes concern? Also no dehydration today but quite fatigued throughout the day, which normally wears off after 3 periods. (9:20am). I feel like because i have been urinating more, I am very aware of it and thinking about it makes me want to go more often too. That might be a factor. But your opinions can help me. What else might I have (if anything) if not diabetes? If it matters I'm a guy, not on ANY drugs or alcohol or anything like that. My diet could be better. I'm 162lbs but I eat a fair amount of sugary foods and drinks. I need to change that anyway for sports next year.

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    With the weight, definitely get checked for type 2.

    I am overweight and had no symptoms and my doctor decided to check my anyways for T2, and turns out I have impaired glucose tolerance, a pre-cursor to T2 diabetes. (Normal insulin levels are <23.0 and my levels were 214.4) I now have to test my blood sugar and watch my diet.

    I was lucky we caught it before it became full blown T2 diabetes!

    Never hurts to check! Could save your life!

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    Those are all classic signs of diabetes. I know because I take care of a diabetic. The best thing to do is ask your doctor to test you for diabetes.

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