Why don't guy flirt with me?

Hi, I'm sisteen years old, and have only had three guys in Canada ever flirt with me. When I go to the Dominican, everyone guy flirts with me and tries to hook up. What am I doing wrong? I don't act any diffrent here than I did there... I am so confused! My parents are fine with me dating and I would like to date a nice guy. Please help!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Maybe guys aren't flirting with you because you aren't flirting with them. It isn't always the guys that initiate this. Or maybe the guys here are flirting in a less obvious way to you. Instead of looking for any guy to flirt with or hook up with, try finding a few that you would actually consider for a date or as a boyfriend. From there, get to know these guys and find who is right for you. Flirting is harmless fun, so if you are looking for a relationship, flirting is not the answer! It is just harmless fun. A lot of guys and girls flirt just to flirt, it does not mean they are looking to date.

    Try finding someone you are actually interested in and you start you harmless flirting with him. See if he responds and then you can continue on from there

    Hope I helped!

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