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I have a hamster who is driving me crazy!?

I bought a wheel for my hamster, but she doesn't get the idea. She just sits in it and stares at me. She also chews on the cage once I turn off the lights, and I already have a sleeping disorder, so I barely get any sleep (I'm in 8th grade and taking important tests). Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have insomnia as well! Anyway what is the breed? Get a alphalpha log from a company called Snack Shack at any pet store. This will taste good and file the teeth down, which they do because their teeth always keep growing. Hope this helps!

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    Thy could be bored and need more oys or another play mate which would help entertain them when your trying to study or sleep. And if the one you have sees the new one using to wheel they might get the idea.

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    I found that you can use a brick as a blanket of sorts for the hamster, and they simmer down real quick.

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