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Can you own a koala as a pet in Australia?

I saw some other questions and people said it was illegal but they kept mentioning it is illegal to import them out of Australia, so if you lived there could you have one?

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    No, you may not! Here is an excerpt from an article by D. Bose.

    "In many US states, laws prohibit owning wild animals as pets. As far as keeping koalas is considered, it is illegal to own one. In fact, Australia has banned the export of these animals that are native to the country, except in the case of zoos. Still, there are certain people who are trying to change the laws about pet adoption, as far as koalas are concerned. However, any legal changes allowing these animals to be kept as pets doesn't seem to be taking place anytime soon.

    In Australia, the koala is a priority species, as far as conservation status assessment is concerned. It was hunted to near extinction for its fur. In fact, the koalas had been wiped out from South Australia in the 1920s. However, rehabilitation efforts have brought the species back in the state. As per the Australian government, the koala is not a threatened species, but the US government does list them as one."

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    You cant shop a koala as a puppy legally everywhere. they're marsupials- no longer bears, as between the previous posters reported. i'm assuming that they noted as them bears because of the fact they provide the effect of being stunning and cuddly- like teddy bears. Koalas are particularly complicated to feed. They consume purely some forms of eucalyptus leaves- and of those few kinds- they choose purely approximately 3 species of plant- yet will consume the others in the event that they dont have a lot selection. because of the shortcoming of food of their weight loss plan- those animals ought to consume for quite a few hours an afternoon, and sleep something because of the fact they dont have the capability to circulate around a lot. they're purely relatively energetic for a pair of hours an afternoon. A koala that does no longer consume authentic is in all probability to die interior of a few days because of the fact they get so little food and capability from their weight loss plan they only cant final devoid of it. yet another certainty approximately koalas- they scent terrible- and that they could be particularly aggressive! those that are dealt with in zoos are in many situations dealt with from a youthful age- yet they're via no ability like that interior the wild! Koalas are heavily bearing directly to wombats- which i've got faith are a lot greater useful and could be stored in Australia with a flowers and fauna licence.

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