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I hate my dad... Help?

Ok so since I can remember at 3 I know my dad use to beat me. I'm 13 now and when I was 11 the school found a bruise on me... My dad dragged me in my room, pushed me on the bed and I bounced off, which caused a bruise, he then beat me all because I didn't want to watch a church video (adult service). This was the first time there was evidence.... With a bruise other times I was just red for awhile and he hits me EVERYWHERE (mostly legs & arms) he tells me it's a "spanking" but I know better now. He was sent to court but won and got away with everything. I think he won because his now 9th wife is friend with DCS workers and she's on my dads side... Even tho she wasn't there. Then later on my dad broke my phone and called me a stupid ***** and said he was going to kill me... Later he said sorry and bought me an iPhone 4 so I wouldn't tell.... I still told my mom, she called DCS and DCS came and told my step mom that next time a case with me & my dad slides across their desk they will throw it out. I hate him... Idk what to do or where to turn :(

Sorry it was so long


Also I have thought of running away but idk where I could go

Update 2:

And my mom knows she's tried but doesn't know what to do I'm ALWAYS called a *****

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    This not only sounds like child abuse but it sounds like sexual assult and abuse now and it is time to contact social services or your life could be on the line.

    And the bible movie part is wrong, it is illegal to forcefully force a religion on somebody (especially a minor) in the US. Assuming you are in the us.

    Treating to kill you is a 'treat' so that is like 3 court charges along with child abuse of a minor.

    Literally run away to a local police station or a trusted adult (aka Teacher, other family, couselor, police man, or Child Services)

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    Well, speaking of your dad's behavior he is the same of my father very cruel to me and my siblings.As part of my experienced you have to tell to your closest relatives or grand parents so that if what ever happen bad to you he can't denied what he did on you.You have two option either you will get out there and live with your close relatives and just try to do helping the household works and ask them to continue your school study very hard so that you will finish your career.Like me I do finished my career for being working student.You don't have to put up the sort of parents if you know what i mean.All the best.

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    Call CPS. Your dad is abusing you verbally and physically. Talk to your mom about this situation too.

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    Go to your rl mom

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    Get away

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