What are my odds of getting into Scripps College for women?

Hi, I'm a junior in high school with a cumulative GPA of 3.61. I have taken all honors courses and two AP courses. I have a 25 on the ACT and am currently waiting for my SAT scores to come back. I am also signed up for the ACT again. I got 20 in Math, 29 Reading, 26 Science and 25 English. I'm working to bring up my math score.

I am first chair violist in my school's string orchestra. I am a soprano in Concert Choir and Women's Choir. I have been in six school plays/musicals, though I have not had a lead. I did understudy the lead last year. I've gotten a superior at the region level every year in both Viola and Soprano solos.

I have 5 years of science credits and an internship that I completed in a neuroscience lab over the summer. I worked on a research project and competed in my local science fair. I'm currently waiting to hear back from NASA to see if I qualify for an internship opportunity.

I've been extremely involved in my Parish youth group for the past three years. I've completed approx. 450 hours of service and gone on two mission trips to Native American Reservations. I am a Choir Alternate Officer in this Youth Group and am also a Middle School Youth Minister.

I'm not going to include my entire essay but I am currently writing my essay. It's about the death of my 5 year old sister from DIPG (a brain tumor). I am writing about the motivation and drive I was able to gain from her death and the love of neuroscience I've developed. I want to be able to incorporate the fact that, because of her I pursued science and due to that, I found that I love neuroscience in my work at the lab. I want to convey my dedication to neuroscience and my drive to live life to the fullest for myself and my baby sister.

I really, really love Scripps. I went on a college tour and absolutely fell in love with the campus. I am taking summer classes and have one year of high school left. What could I do to better increase my chances of getting in/ what are my current chances?



What are my odds of getting into Scripps or CalPoly with a 3.6 GPA and 25 ACT

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    PLEASE DO NOT GO TO SCRIPPS! It's a fine school if you are a complete liberal, feminist who has no concept of right or wrong. If you are even remotely religious you will be knocked down, insulted and deemed an idiot. I just finished my first year. It was horrible. Some girls left after the first semester because they could not take the lack of dialogue on campus.I'm telling you, if you don't agree with them on everything from slut-shaming to having to introduce yourself using your preferred gender pronoun, they will write you up. Some girl was written up for racism because during a classic movie night they were suppose to decorate their halls with classic movie posters and she made one for King Kong. Please re-consider or at least before you make the decision sit in on a few classes. I fell in love when I went on the tour and it turned out to be the worst decision of my life.

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    OhBrothet, you sound like an ape.

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