Army or Air Force for a career?

I know alot of people say they want to make a 20+ year career out of the military and dont. Hypothetically, what would be better for a career?

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    Great question. I spent 28 years commissioned service in the Navy (Supply Corps) after graduating from college. However, I was an Air Force Brat. My father was in for 30 years (1940-1970) and retired a chief-master sergeant. I was commissioned in 1967 so we served together (not geographically) for three years. I enjoyed the life as an Air Force Brat. In the 18 years before I shipped off to college. I had attended 9 different schools only three were military. I lived on four continents (counting oceania as Asia) and made lifelong friends. My dad was only assigned away from my mother and me for 18 months in this time. Air Force bases are by and large newer than Army bases. The quarters for junior enlisted are better in the Air Force and the chow is about equal. The Navy definitely has the best chow. Anyone that says different hasn't eaten enough military chow to be able to tell. As an enlisted man I would definitely say the Air Force. As an officer follow what your interests are. If I were forced to choose between the two as as officer I might choose the Army since I am not flight qualified. make up your own mind.

    Source(s): CAPT. Jack, USN (Supply Corps), Ret.
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    Kinda depends on what you're looking for.

    Air Force bases are generally better then Army bases....newer, more amenities, etc. You would likely have more time opportunity for schooling if that is what you're looking for. There are many career fields in the Air Force that will go over very well into civilian life should you choose to not re-enlist or when you retire. I will say in the Air Force it can be a little harder to make rank if you are not good at testing.

    If combat is what you're looking for then definitely Army. Army bases, housing etc, are definitely not as new and shiny as AF but they are by no means unlivable.

    Also no matter which branch you choose, make sure the career field you choose is something you are going to want to do. And don't take the recruiter's word for anything as far as what you would do in a certain career field. Their job is to get people to enlist and what they will tell you isn't always exactly how it is. Ask around, get information from people who have done that job before you make a decision. And good luck.

    Source(s): Navy dad, Army brother-in-law, Air Force spouse
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    Definatley Army. But actually out of all the branches I'd rather the Marines or Navy. However a career in the Marines is only good if you become an officer because it may be difficult to be a regular Marine and constantly shot at for most of you're life. I know officer get shot at too but the pay is god and you can be promoted to a less "action packed" rank per say.

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  • 7 years ago

    In all reality, about 75% don't go past their second enlistment, so go for something you like that will help you when you get out.

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  • 7 years ago

    Think about it like this. Chair force or army?

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    Air Force you just get to sit in a chair and drop bombs on people plus you get to fly and you dont even get shot at

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