Guys: does playing hard to get actually work? (im a girl)?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's a gamble

    You either get

    -a guy who thinks you are worth it and will try his hardest

    -a guy who just wants the challenge and will ditch you once he succeeds

    -a guy who moves on because he thinks you aren't interested


    -a guy who sees you are playing, says "I don't have time for this BS" and walks away

    It's really impossible to know just by looking how a guy will react. I personally am in the last group. I think hard to get is idiotic and I don't waste my time. There are plenty of other women who don't give an application process to starting a relationship, and I would rather be with one of them.

    So you can try it, but you have only a 25% chance of getting a good result. And that goes lower the longer you play it. I would reccommend not doing it, you will be far more successful just being open and showing some discretion with who you date/screw

  • 8 years ago

    It depends on the guy. If it's a guy who's:

    New to this? Yes

    Really likes you? Yes

    Started out as a good friend of yours (have personally been here before, as the male)? Yes, for a while.

    On the other hand...

    Isn't very good friends with you? Not for very long, if at all.

    Has lots of options? Probably not.

    If someone falls under two or more of these, make a judgement call. What does their character suggest they'll do? Go off of that, you'll probably be right.

    Best of luck :)

    Update: After reading the other answers, this is like 1000% less effective if the person doesn't know you like them. If they do, then this is one of the best forms of flirting there is.

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  • 8 years ago

    Only if the guy you're playing hard to get for actually likes you. If he doesn't then he simply isn't going to care or even notice. If the guy is already your close friend then playing hard to get will get you quickly friend zoned. However if you know for sure that the guy likes you or at least has an interest in you, go for it! The most fun in a relationship is the chase for most guys. If he doesn't like you already then you're going to have to take the initiative though.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yeah I'd say so, it keeps our interest. The problem with it though is knowing when to stop. I can speak for myself and the majority of other guys that it reaches a point where it just gets confusing. Get him interested in you but don't continue to play a game, be straightforward it saves both your time and his.

    I'd like to compare it with fishing, whereas you are the fisherman and the guy is the fish. Hard to get is like a nice worm to get the fish biting. But once it bites you don't just leave it dangling in the water, this is when you should make your move in securing the fish/relationship.

    Hope that helped!

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  • 8 years ago

    hard to get applies to sex these days and in that case it works .

    but hard to get as in acting like you aren't interested ,no that doesn't work.

    Just don't be clingy and call or text him all day , let him text or call you first 70 percent of the time if you text first any less he may see it as one sided and anymore than 60 he may think you are bored or clingy or that you are coming on too strong .

    It really is simple , guys like to be made to feel good too , when he cuts his hair say i like your new haircut it brings out your eyes.

    That should be enough , that and smiling at him after that he should ask you out .

    Hint i get asked out more when i don't fix my hair or makeup as guys feel i am less of a threat . So guys are shy too and afraid of rejection , be sweet .

  • 8 years ago

    The only men that works on are better known as stalkers, since sensible men can take "no" for an answer and keep walking. Don't play games with guys, we suck at knowing when it's just a game.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Weeeeeellll it depends, if you play too hard to get the guy decides you're not worth his time. Listen, what you should do is don't act so interested, flirt with him lightly, and just don't make it obvious you like him, but don't play hard to get that much.

  • ??
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    8 years ago

    Hard to get does not work. Us men are stupid creatures and we interpret "hard to get" as you don't like us. LOL. FFS what's the point in trying to be hard to get it's just annoying .Guys like being up front about things like romance. Well at least i do. We like it when girls openly show affection for us. The reason why we don't like chasing is cause we are not sure if you like us or not.

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    Why doesn't your Penis get hard anymore? I know how you feel. Could be a lot of reasons why you're incapable of getting an erection. This will help you get your feeling/erections back. Works like a charm. Good luck.

  • 5 years ago

    All guys are different. Some guys like playing games. Some just shoot straight. Some do a little of both. I dont have time for games so I shoot straight.

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