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My boyfriend treats me like garbage?!!?

Ok well it's been 6 & a half months. We've been on 2 real dates... We hang out at fast food places & I watch him eat basically. Sometimes I have to give him a few dollars... He makes hurtful jokes.. Ex : "sometimes I think I really love you but then I rub one out & I don't feel that way" maybe if he laughed afterwards I would be ok but he didn't... He was silent for a good 10 mins didn't mention it again till I got pissed.. I ask him to go to the city with me he says no or makes an excuse.. Just to hang in the city isn't a lot of $... He literally whistled at me today to go by him... Got mad because I talked to a kid who he hates (nothing to do with me, I've been friends with the kid..) idk.. He says I'm the wrong one.. Idgi?

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    If you honestly think he is treating you disrespectful and not committing, then it's not worth it... Break up with him ASAP.. If you like him too much talk to him. Tell him if he doesn't straighten himself up that your gone and if he leaves then he never wanted a true relationship. I hope you do what's best for yourself and fix your situation

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