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Facebook verification without a mobile number?

Facebook locked me out, saying I appear to be a 'fake' person and I need to enter a mobile phone number to get a code. I then enter the code and can get back into my account. I don't have a mobile number, and can't ask Facebook what to do unless I'm already logged in. How do I ask them what other options there are if I can't contact them?

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    Facebook has another option Crediet card If u having vrediet card then no problem enter its number and facebook will unlock ur account

    If are not having then make new account and make 50 friends but keep watching ur friends profile -photos tagged and remember This/that photo tagged whom :D

    facebook will again lock ur account but its possible to unlock by recognising tagged photos of froends

    thanks :-D

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    I think it is really correct to protect your privacy by not giving your phone number. I used and it was really convenient to receive the verification code without a phone number.

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    Start a new account. Never ever give out a address or phone number.

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    There is a way to do it but you need to use an ID.

    This link should help explain about uploading an ID

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