trying to wipe computer clean to sell , dont have Operating system discs?

i have a computer that a friend of mine built about 7 years ago for me , i am trying to sell it but first i want to completely wipe it clean , i dont know how to do that... and apparently if i do this it will also delete the operating system ( vista ) is there any way i can delete all my stuff and just keep the OS? if not how do i get a vista installation disk , i dont want to spend 140$ for windows 8 on a computer that i will probably only get 300-500 $ for anyways . thank you , please make it as simple as possible i feel really dumb as it is trying to do this on my own.


im willing to buy vista OS cd or even XP whatever is cheaper , but im unsure if its safe to buy from anyone except Microsoft , it seems they dont even have it on their site

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    7 years ago
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    Use CCleaner to do the wiping. Go to the link below and download it. Once you have it set up go into options and then settings and set secure delete to 3 pass or higher. Also set it to wipe free space. Then go thru your puter and uninstall your programs except your OS. Then delete all your data into your recycle bin. Run CClenaer and it will do a secure wipe and make sure nothing is there. This will take more then 24 hours so just be patient.

  • 7 years ago

    I suggest looking for windows xp online and install that instead. that way the machine would run like no other, your drives would be wiped clean and youll pay maybe even 25 bucks for the operating system.

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