Where are fun places we can go to eat in LA on holiday there?

I asked this before and I got notice that someone in the community reported it? I don't know why. What was wrong with it?Me and my mum and 2 sisters, maybe 3 are going to California on holiday, we'll be in LA for a week. We wanted to know fun places to eat. Not posh places like the Ivy, just nice places that are fun. Me and my sister don't eat meat.

We're probably staying at a hotel on Sepalveda Boulevard in West Los Angeles, is that nice? my mum booked it because it's got its bigger than a normal hotel room and has got a kitchen in it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You will be relatively close to the downtown Culver City area. There are a ton of great restaurants there including Tender Greens (great vegetarian menu), Rush Street, and Ugo as well as others. For the best veggie burger, try Truxton's in Westchester near LAX (which is on Sepulveda as well just south of where you'll be staying). I also love 26 Beach in Marina del Rey which will be close to you and if you like Italian where they actually have the entire restaurant sing Amore, check out C&O Trattoria in Marina del Rey.





  • 7 years ago

    Philippe's is an LA landmark = http://www.philippes.com/

    The Famers Market is another iconic place: http://www.farmersmarketla.com/

    Wahoo's Fish Tacos: http://wahoos.com

    In 'n Out Burger - this is a California icon. But I personally haven't really liked it before the original owners died in a plane crash a long time ago. You need to research their secret menu and check how to get a free tee via youtube videos = www.in-n-out.com/‎

    Ruby's Diner = www.rubys.com

    Food trucks = I like the map www.foodtrucksmap.com/la/‎ to find them

    I have a friend who is a from Saudi Arabia going to school at UCLA. He says the best restaurant in LA is The Counter. www.thecounterburger.com/‎

    Honestly, there is a gazillion more places but this is good start.

    - all but Philippe's has an ok veggie selection. It's still something to experience. You can walk a block or two and have GREAT mexican food at Olvero's street.

    If you want a wonderful view and more of a pub style place = Nelson's at the Terranea hotel has the best view in LA & OC.

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    It's a shame that the previous answer was deleted, because I used a very funny line from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

    Many places around LA have vegetarian options. Here are some iconic LA area eateries:

    Canter's Deli on Fairfax

    Pink's Hot Dogs on La Brea near Melrose has Veggie Dogs

    In N Out has a meatless burger option. Google "In N Out Secret Menu"

    Yamashiro is pricey, but the views can't be beat.

    Phillippe's, on Alameda near Union Station

    The Pantry, downtown LA

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    I'm not familiar with that area, but I suggest asking the hotel front desk. They always have lists of the best local restaurants.

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