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Scolastic warehouse book sale?

Hi I was wondering about the scolastic book sale

I found my local warehouse and I want to go and get a bunch of books really cheep since I'm 14 and a book addict I figure this is a good thing to go to maybe ill find some books I want.


Whats there?

Who is it for? (Like can I go or is it teachers only)

How much is everything?

Whats there?

Thanks :)

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    The book fairs are usually only for people who attend the school the fair is being held at. I remember my elementary school having a few fairs when I was a kid. Members of the general public couldn't just walk in. But you might want to contact the venue where the fair is being held to see if you can go. The selection I remember was mostly kids' books and school related stuff, like math workbooks and the like.

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    It says it is for school teachers and homeschool teachers. Have your mom say she is homeschooling you.

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