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Would you agree or disagree with this?

I'm writing an essay on if I disagree or agree with this statement. I disagree but ..

I need more evidence & more ideas. Please help?

"Beginning with the early days of colonization, the Europeans’ view of Africans as lesser beings was the primary reason for their enslavement for plantation work everywhere in the Americas"

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    I would disagree with the statement. Europeans created racial ideas to justify slavery. They just wanted slaves (cheap labor they could control). The Africans had slavery, and the European powers took advantage of that situation. They had to create ideologies of racial inferiority, in order to explain and legitimate why they, as Christians, held humans as property.

    The two links below are old books digitized on the Internet Archive website, with information from earlier authors on the origins of modern slavery.

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    I disagree, they weren't even treated as beings.

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