What skates size should I choose? Jackson Classique?

I'm looking forward to buy a Jackson Classique figure skates, but I am confused because of the size, AND just so you know I DO NOT have a pro shop available in my area so I HAVE to buy them online, my shoe size is 7 or 7 1/2 sometimes but the skates sizes just say (7B Width or 7C Width) what does the B means or 7C Width??? PLEASE HELP ME!! I will try and give points to the best answer!!

And I'm currently learning spins and jumps but in a beginner level, just so you know. :)

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  • L&M
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    7 years ago
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    The B means medium width, and the C is a wide width. A would be narrow width. What do you usually get in street shoes, medium, narrow or wide? Call the store where you are buying them and ask them to help you get the right size. 7 may be too big, you may need a size 6 or 6.5 figure skate. They may ask you to draw an outline of your foot and/or measure the width and length of your feet.

    You can get by doing recreational skating with the wrong size but you will not be able to do jumps correctly with the wrong size skate. You should be wearing a thin sock with the skates too.

    Where do you skate, on a pond, or at a rink? Usually the rink will have a pro shop, or your skating instructor can help you get skates. The Classique is a good beginner skate to take you through basic skills and it may be OK for beginning single jumps, but as K said, teaching yourself is not the best idea. Usually at the level of single jumps and spins you would be wearing out that first pair and buying more advanced skates.

  • delk
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    4 years ago

    Um, no longer keen on Johnson=Ultima, however for learners they might be good! I would not get a perfect expensive pair more often than not purpose for around 200$ tops. I don't like Riedell's either. I have been skating with Jackson's for 15 years and i really like them! Riedell's appear to be very slender where Jackson's offer slightly more room! Hope that helps!!

  • K
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    7 years ago

    Classiques are too low-level if you want to learn jumps. Call Jackson and ask them what you should do. Likely they will send you a chart or measurement paper so you can work it out.

    PLEASE STOP TEACHING YOURSELF. We're not saying it to be mean or horrible, we're saying it to look out for you. Please take lessons. You could start with group lessons if money is an issue. You WILL learn the wrong technique and sooner or later you WILL hurt yourself trying to teach yourself.

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