Who decided to scapegoat a poor filmmaker for the catastrophic ineptitude in Benghazi?

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    That guy is now famous because of Benghazi. Don't worry about him.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It's hard to remember when I have heard so many lies on any one subject, all political nonsense in an attempt to make Hillary Clinton and Pres. Obama look bad. When will Fox quit lying? When will Issa quit lying? Here is a partial list:

    1. Whistleblowers are being silenced. Completely false. They have testified more than once before the review board.

    2. Hillary Clinton signed the cables. Completely false, as stated by the review board.

    3. Help was turned away or not sent for nefarious reasons. Completely false. The Pentagon has said repeatedly that U.S. military forces could not have arrived in time.

    4. General Petraeus had to resign because of Benghazi. Completely false.

    5. Hillary faked a concussion because she didn't want to testify. Completely false.

    When will Fox viewers finally realize that there is no scandal, there is no cover-up, there is only a terrible situation where some things could have been done better and some mistakes were made--in other words, the same type of thing that has happened under every other presidential administration and every other State Department?

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