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Math problem please please help me!!!!!!!?

i need to solve the linear system of equations by computing X= A^-1 B

this has to be a matrix thats 2 by 2 and then the solution as well



please help please

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    I did matrix last year so it might be a bit rusty but I'll try my best!

    so, the first matrix would be

    [1 6] (first row )

    [-6 2] (second row)

    and the second matrix is



    but pretend those are connected.. like, vertically.

    and those 2 multiplied by each other equals

    [ 8 ]


    so you've got

    [1 6]*[x]=[ 8 ]

    [-6 2] [y] [28]

    the first matrix is "A" so you raise that to the first power

    and the third matrix is your "B"

    so then you put them back into the equation X=A^-1 B


    [1 6]^-1 * [8] = [x]

    [-6 2] .....[28] .[y]

    make sure you raise the whole matrix to the negative one power and not just [1 6]

    Hope it helped? I'm a junior in high school so yeah...

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    8 years ago




    solve for y

    substitute into one of the equations

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