Am I having a miscarriage? I'm so worried?

Yesterday I was sitting down and it felt like I had peed myself, so naturally I run to the restroom. Come to find out it was blood, bright red and clotting. I freaked out and called my dad who rushed me to the emergency room. They did a pelvic exam, from which I was given no information. They put a catheter in, which I’m sure you all know was fun. They did an internal and external ultrasound. They tested my blood and said I was positive for the “RH” factor, they informed me that if the baby is negative for the “RH” factor that my body would reject the baby. They gave me a shot in my but which should prevent that from happening. The doctor came in hours later and told me my Hcg count was in the nine thousands. He told me they found a cyst but that it was common for women to have during the first trimester. They said it appeares to be fine and showed no reason for concern. He said they would have liked to have seen the baby but weren’t able to. Could just be because I’m not that far along. They really didn’t give me much information other then that. I need to have my Hcg levels tested again in three days, if they are not rising then there is cause for concern. My last period was march 23-29.

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  • 7 years ago

    The RH factor is a big thing they usually test for a little later on, and your body can reject the baby if your RH's dont match. Since your docs caught it really early, there is lots of hope for you and your baby will most likely be fine. The bleeding is probably from the cist they found, which is really nothing to be too concerned about. Most shrink on their own... HcG levels at 9000 means you are a little over 5 weeks pregnant. Ultrasounds that early are pointless unless its medically needed, like yours, because there is nothing to see. The baby isnt big enough and there is no heartbeat yet.

    i dont think you have anything to worry about. Sounds normal for your circumstances... Keep an eye on your bleeding, if it gets worse, call your doc immediately. Other than that, try to relax as much as possible and let your body do what its supposed to :) GL

    Source(s): mom of an 8 month old and 6 weeks pregnant
  • 7 years ago

    Im so sorry for the bleeding that sounds terrible and would have scared me 2! When they did the ultrasound did they see nothing at all or just see a sac with no baby or yolk sac. Typically but not always because it is so small around 5 weeks they should see the gestational sac with a yolk inside but the baby would be way too small to see at this time. I had an ultrasound done at 6wks and 4 days and we finally saw a little tiny fetus with a heart beat. This isn't with everyone though I have seen people not see anything on an ultrasound till later depending on the equipment and the person doing them. so maybe reschedule an ultrasound in like a wk or two if your levels end up rising appropriately to ease your mind. It is all really going to depend on your levels now to determine if everything is going ok, I know the wait sucks... just try to relax and keep your feet up and drink plenty of water. remember to record how much bleeding your having and let your doc know of any changes. I hope everything works out for you and the cyst is very common and there are alot of people who bleed in pregnancy especially early on and they have turned out good so just keep your fingers crossed and hope for good news on your next blood test. The RH factor should be ok as well since they caught it so early you may just have to take those shots but typically with the medication chances are good. I really hope everything works out for you i will pray for you. I have had a few losses myself and know how devasting they are especially when waiting in limbo for more results to find out whats going on. Just be patient and think good thoughts! GL

  • 7 years ago

    There have been many cases where the woman has aborted the baby because the doctors said something was wrong, but the baby could have been fine. I myself know a woman who was suggested to abort the baby because they found signs of down syndrome, but the baby turned out to be fine. The blood could be leftovers from your last period building up. Whatever you do, do not abort the baby because of a "maybe" or a doctors "worst case scenario" When you can, have an ultra sound and check out the baby. I'm sure when you see her kick you will know she's fine!

    Source(s): Mom's a nurse, and she talks about her friends a lot.
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