Girls: What Would You Do ?

this guy I like, he txts me everyday asking how i am, how my day is, and will flirt on text. Anyway he said the whole, he only has eyes for me story and that im his happiness, our future. When i met him he wanted to add me on facebook and i told him i dont really use it (b/c i tend to see things i don't like). Well ive looked him up and secretly viewed his profile (he has no idea) and I see he has a flirting history with at least 3 other different girls. I hate that hes lying to me and playing me for a fool. Hes known me for 5mths and never told his friends or family about me and never asked me to be in a relationship but acts a depressed if i play it cool like 'we're just friends' or if i dont txt him for the whole day. I only saw what was public on facebook- it makes me sick to think about him texting, webcaming, cell, private fb messages with these girls. Hes 19 & im a few yrs older. I already told him that i just want 1 guy and that b/c his young age i would understand if he wanted to flirt with other girls on several, and he always gives the same speech & defends himself like hes some innocent saying that hes mature for his age and doesnt want a bunch of other girls. I feel like confronting him about these girls and that he should stop bullshi*ting me, im not stupid- that he should make a decision and decide does he want to continue his flirty relations with these other 3+ girls or be with just me & make me a girlfriend? Should i comfront him that i know about the other girls? But then i'll look like a spy stalker. Ive known for a few months that he flirts with these girls but i let it go because i thought that after he got to know me that he would leave these girls alone but that obviously hasnt happened & i feel really disrespected. Im open to all ideas on how to handle this.

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    play him right back. publicly flirt with other guys too & stuff

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