what could cause my laptop to have a hard time reading blank dvds and cds?

hi i have a toshiba laptop. model #: satellite L355. its having trouble loading and reading dvds, blank dvds, and cds. i already tried cleaning it with a disk cleaner but that didn't really work. i was wondering if it could be the drive itself. i had some people tell me that it kould be the drive thats causing the problem so i went to tigerdirect.com(where i go for all my computer needs lol) and i don't know what the name of the drive is called so i couldn't really look it up lol. i was wondering if it is the drive? oh and sometimes i have to eject the disc and push the disc back almost a dozen times before it sometimes read the disc at all. any help would be appreciated. and what is the drive called so i can look it up?(i know that may be a stupid question to ask but i don't know much about computer parts. i usually don't buy parts for my laptop. just accessories like flash drives and stuff) any help would be appreciated. thanks in advanced

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  • 7 years ago
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    Because it works sometimes, it definitely seems like a bad drive with a flaky laser head and not a software issue. Here's a Youtube video on replacing laptop optical drives you might find helpful...


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    Look at "step 3" here. This shows you how to remove the DVD drive from your Toshiba. Looks like 1 screw. No big deal...


    So basically, remove that screw, slide out your drive, Google the part # on the drive and you should be able to find a replacement.

    Good luck!

  • delk
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    4 years ago

    Appears like you've got a bad hard power. Its no longer difficult to repair (simply takes a little time) and the drives are low cost ($eighty for a 500gb) i'd be glad to factor you at the components and guidelines you want.

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